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While I do work with people of all ages at the studio, one of my favorite services that I offer is the Baby Plan. The baby plan consists of three sessions that document baby’s first year from newborn to that first birthday.  I have a wide variety of props at the studio from diaper covers and pants for newborns, head bands, hats, rompers for older babies, overalls for the boys, to toys, baskets, buckets, chairs, stools, wagons, carriage, bathtub, and the list goes on and on. So read on to learn about each of the different types of baby plans and what to expect from each session. As always, when working with babies, I take time if baby needs to nurse or have a quick drink or snack. In general, sessions are from 30-60 minutes long, except the newborn session which is 2+ hours. All sessions come with all the final high resolution digital images you will see in your final gallery and are delivered via download, or USB drive.

Baby Plan – $900  (a $250 savings) 2 payments, first $450 due at newborn session booking, second $450 due at 6-8 month session booking

Newborn, 6-8 months, or sitting, and 12 months, or standing

Newborn – This session is for babies usually under 2 weeks of age, but I have done 3 and 4 week old babies in a similar style to newborns. Even if you have a preemie who will be older by the time they are ready for a session, this is still a great option to capture them as small as you can. More detailed information can be found under the Session Information page. In general, this session is to capture the Newborn as early as possible to ensure documenting the span of the first full year. The session is 2+ hours and includes all final high resolution images in your gallery.

6-8 Months – This session can be halfway point to 1 year, or you can use it document baby’s new sitting skills. Some are still working on sitting, while others are old pros already. This session works for whatever stage baby is at and is surely to at least include lots of smiles! Some may even be flashing their first teeth! Sessions are around 30- 45 minutes and include all high resolution images in your gallery.

12-14 months – This age can be all kinds of things. You can use it to document the first birthday, or to how off some new standing/walking skills. Most are getting around on their own in one way or another, pulling up to a stand perhaps, and some are walking, even running is not unheard of. This is a fast paced, fun session. I tell parents to wear their running shoes as they will be acting the part of baby wrangler if baby decides to be off to explore the studio. If baby is pulling up and standing, we can use chairs and stools as supports, if walking we will use toys, puppets, ticklers, to get and keep their attention. Any one thing works once, maybe twice and we have to change things up or baby can get bored very quickly. 1 year olds are busy, smart little people who really believe they have better things to do than pose for us. Sessions tend to be quick and short because we move so quickly. This is a great age to wear a fun dress, or show off a pair of styling shoes while baby is standing, or document the occasion and age with a cake smash! I do have a few neutral diaper covers, but this age is best in comfortable outfits, dresses, overalls, legging and top outfits to name a few. Sessions are around 45 minutes and include all high resolution images in your gallery

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