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Maternity Portraits

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Are you thinking of booking a maternity session?  The best time to get pregnancy portraits taken is between 30-35 weeks. There are a couple of options for session types, 30 minute session or a one hour session. Mini sessions are available in studio, one hour sessions are available in studio and on location. A discount is available if you book your maternity session at the same time that you book your newborn session (see pricing page for more information).

If you know you are going to be on bed rest or have a high risk pregnancy, we can also arrange an on location session that can take place in your home or even potentially the hospital if necessary.

I am also happy to work on special projects with you such as a monthly progression of your pregnancy, gender reveals to family and friends or even a surprise to the mom, if dad can keep the secret until the session!  Siblings are welcome at maternity sessions, and I also encourage some poses with your partner or spouse!

If you come to the studio I have various maternity gowns, fabric for wrapping and draping, posing techniques and lighting to highlight the pregnant form. I will go over clothing and outfit selections that you may be asked to bring. I also offer tastefully nude maternity photography that brings focus to the beauty of this time of life without being too revealing. Or, if you prefer to be fully covered, we will work with your comfort level to create portraits that you feel beautiful in and are proud to share, or just enjoy in privacy. I love working with all types of families at the studio and on location, for maternity portraits.

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Newborn Sessions

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Are you looking for a Massachusetts newborn photographer? You have arrived at the right spot. There is nothing more beautiful than a newborn sleeping peacefully, just days new to the world. Or a new daddy gazing into his new baby’s eyes. Or the love on a mother’s face as she holds her new infant. The studio is often one of the very first places new parents stop. It is suggested that newborn photos take place between 10 to 14 days old.  While what we expect from baby may change as they get older, I will never turn you away because your “newborn” is over two weeks old.  But we can create beautiful portraits of your baby at any age. So if you decide after baby has arrived, or there are reasons baby just can not take part in a session when you would like, but you still want beautiful pictures of you new baby, we can do that! I will explain what to expect from your session, taking into consideration the age of baby.  The sleepy, curliest newborn images are usually captured under 2-3 weeks, however. I like to get your session on the schedule as early as possible, even if we have to change it (happens very often). It is much easier to move newborn sessions around when we have a general time frame. So while your waiting for your new one to arrive, give me a call and we will pencil you in.

Newborn session options include a newborn petite studio session of 1-1.5 hours, taking place in studio. Full newborn sessions include time for family poses, baby and a prop set or two, whatever baby will let us do and runs from 2-4 hours, can take place in the studio or on location. Newborn clients also have the option to customize a baby plan with special pricing for each baby plan session. You can schedule as many or as few sessions as you would like to document baby’s first year. See the pricing page for more information.

Studio sessions include lighting, props and outfits I have at the studio. On location newborn sessions are more environmental, less posed or props, more lifestyle focused.

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Baby Sessions


Do you need a baby photographer in Massachusetts? From newborn to busy 1 year old, capturing baby’s first year is what Captures by Lisa specializes in. While you always think you will remember how tiny and curly your newborn is, to that first toothless grin, or their first time pulling up, as time speeds by, memories begin to fade.

You have many choices of sessions and products to document baby’s first year at Captures.

Your own customized baby Plan that focuses on the entire first year of baby growing and changing, or you can book a one time regular session at any age.

I can also come to you. A regular on location session is also a good choice for a special session or to schedule as often as you want to document baby’s development. This can take place in your home, or yard during warm months, or outside at a local park or favorite location. This is a great option if you want to include siblings and family in the session as well.

The studio offers many props, backdrops, diaper covers, headbands and hats that can be used during your baby’s session. More information on the different ages and sessions can be found under the baby plan page. Even if you choose a different session type rather than a baby plan, the session information will be the same for any given age.

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Child Sessions

PinThisFrom toddlers to teens, capturing the great expressions and personality of your kid is just as important as when they were babies. While documenting every 3-6 months is not always necessary as they grow, a portrait session can be a great way to remember them as they are at each age. I have extensive experience with kids of all ages and like to focus on bringing out your child’s personality. From talking to the willing kiddo, to utilizing tips and tricks for the less enthusiastic, I will work with you and your child to create portraits you will love now and forever, and even they will come to cherish. I encourage you to let your child choose outfits and props to use during their session. Certain ages do really well outside, such as newly walking and talking toddlers. From sports equipment to drums, and lots of things in between, I will work with you to create portraits that spotlight the very special person your child is.

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Family Sessions


So often we take more time thinking and prepping for portrait sessions that involve our children, than a family portrait sessions. Captures by Lisa offers many options for family sessions. My goal is to make your family session experience as painless as possible, and perhaps even fun! As a mom, I know that we often spend more time behind the camera, than in front. Getting ready for a portrait session can be met with less than great enthusiasm by some of the family members.  I offer help every step of the way and am happy to answer any questions you may have in order to help ease your preparations and make your session run smoothly.

While many session types can work for a family session, studio or on location. If the family includes small toddlers and very young children, often an on location session may work better. The studio also has a limit of how many people we can fit in comfortably, so depending on how many people we will be including in your session, I may suggest choosing a different location. Extended family sessions are also often required to be on location as more space is sometimes required.

Certain times of the year I may hold mini session events that work great for family sessions. Depending on the year, I may offer spring or fall sessions on location at a nearby park. Spring comes with fresh, bright colors. Fall comes with deep, rich autumn tones and works well for holiday cards. Occasionally I will also schedule one weekend of family mini sessions at the studio in November. These all work great if your main goal is one great family portrait for the wall and holiday greetings.

Extended family sessions are very popular and I do a good number of these every year. Most take place on location at a park or home. Often, a 1 hour regular session works just fine for these, but a 2 hour session can work as well, depending on how many people and groupings will be included. For extended family sessions, please contact me for more information and the best session type for your needs.

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